Controlled game of Antiquity

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Nestori was interested to try Antiquity and of course, I'm always interested to play the game, so we arranged a match while he was in Tampere. It was a two-player game, fresh change from the four-player games I've played.

It was the most controlled game I've seen so far. We didn't have any problems with famine - it was kept in check with fountains, granary, hospital and St. Cristofori cathedrals. Pollution was something for a while, then we both got second cities with dumps and it just disappeared. We also blasted used land with alchemy faculties - no problems.

So, what happens when two St. Cristofori -worshipping villages meet? Obviously the one with forced labour wins. Here's a hint: I've never used forced labour. I know I will, in future. Even though Nestori didn't use it as efficiently as he could've, he still smoked me.

Well - it wasn't that obvius victory! He got it almost together after a few forced labour rounds, but needed the market to make the last arrangements. That meant an extra turn, where I almost reached the goal. I had no dyes in the start of the turn, but if I would've built a market and a fisherman, I would've been one good short of reaching the goal. One good, so I could've made the last trade to reach the victory condition. Very close! Of course, Nestori's wider network of inns meant he would've won anyway.

Man, it's a good game. Taxing, but good. Nestori played well for a newbie, even if I allowed him some takebacks after some blunders. Of course, that all made the playing experience much better for both of us (even though I lost), so why not. Good game, indeed, but I'm still feeling the pull of St. Christofori too tempting. This time I did think of using St. Christofori to build up a stockpile then switching saints to build a bunch of houses for St. Nicolo. That's something I ought to try one day.

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Doug Adams said:

I agree with you about it being a good game. I placed it #1 in my IGA votes last year (and so did a few others). The victory conditions are very clever (not having to decide until you build a cathedral). I want to play it again now!

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