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I've been following the Essen discussion on the Board Game Society message, and here's my list of the new stuff I want:

Der Elefant im Porzellanladen - Mandatory Amigo card game. A friend will bring this to me to pay back a favour. Null & Nichtig was also on my list, but the same friend tried it and says it sucks big time, so I'm skipping that.

Space Dealer - Pretty much the hottest item on the list. Tobias Stapelfeld is a one-hit wonder for me right now (Neuland being the hit), and reading about this game makes me think here might be a second hit. Real-time space trading, sounds very, very good.

Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg - Interesting concept and a cheap game. I might get this or not, I won't mind too much either way, but it sounds like something that could be fun with bigger crowds. The name's a pain, though.

18VA - After more trouble that's real (slow communication, missing delivery, delayed invoice...), I was very delighted to hear that my friends actually got my copy of 18VA at the fair. Whew. It's also better (more ready-made) than the one I had ordered (and which didn't make it to Essen in time, it seems). That's just great.

Imperial - Mac Gerdts again. Antike was great, I'll probably try to play this before buying. Should be pretty good, though; at least the topic is interesting.

Factory Fun - Corné van Moorsel isn't my favourite designer, but this one sounds like a treat. Definitely on my play list, very high probability to making my buy list. In theory this is pretty much designed for me, but I'm less sure of the practise.

And that's about it. There are quite a few interesting games out there - Leonardo da Vinci is one I know I should be interested in, like Die Säulen der Erde - but I don't know, I'm trying to limit my game purchases, particularly on the heavy game front. I have enough games already, considering my limited playing time, so I'm trying my best to focus on the really interesting stuff.

Meanwhile, I've started a hunt for a cheap copy of Civilization. I can get a new copy of the Finnish edition for about 25 euros, which is too much for a game I don't know when I'm going to play, but if somebody has an used copy (of the Finnish or an English edition) for around 10 euros (preferably in Tampere or delivered to Helcon), I'm definitely interested.

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Phil said:

We just made our first Essen order yesterday, a shame that a lot of the games I want (more than half) aren't available at German online retailers yet.

I ordered: Space Dealer (most excited about), Imperial, Hermangor, Teufelsburg, Null & Nichtig, Relikt, and Mr. Jack. My neighbor picked up Saulen Erde, Factory Fun, Megastar, and the Elephant dish game in addition.

A shame that Ysphan, Shogun, Salamanca, Die Saulen von Venedig, Medici vs. Strozzi, and Grenaland aren't available yet.

Mikko Saari said:

The boys say Space Dealer is a complete piece of trash, with broken components and completely obvious decisions. That's too bad...

Phil said:

First negative review I've heard about i!

Mikko Saari said:

Here I am, praying that they're wrong!

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