Hot Games for Q3/2006

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Here's a list of hottest games for the third quarter of 2006 for me. This is based on number of plays, my enjoyment of the game and the novelty value, so new games tend to show up higher on the list.

You can also check the previous quarter, with completely different games.

Memoir '44 - I played five games with Olli during the summer, with base game and the expansions. All were great fun, despite the results. I really enjoy this game, it's always good fun.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - Played three solo games of this. Sherlock Holmes is clever, I'm not. That's clear... It's fun, but I'm not much of a solo player. I ended up selling the game (price wasn't bad, around what I paid for the game). It's fun, but in a fairly limited way.

Rat Hot - Churned this with Olli. It's a nice two-player filler, and it felt quite fresh. I still want to play it more, though I'm not sure how long that would last. Still, it's fun.

Elasund - This is on the list based on novelty, not on quality... Four games, of which three were evry enjoyable two-player games and one was a four-player game and a total disaster. Not my game, this one! I already sold the game.

Viva Topo! - Once with four in the board game club, rest with Johanna. It's our current number one game to play between us. It's simple, it's fun, it's fast.

Jambo - Played this twice with Olli. This one I enjoyed, it's definitely my favourite RĂ¼diger Dorn game. I'd love to play more.

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