Richard Paul Russo: Unto Leviathan

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Generation ship Argonos has travelled deep space for centuries looking for signs of life. By the time of this story, it's been years since their last visit on a planet. A strange signal lures Argonos to a distant planet, where the remains of a colony are found. There are no survivors, but instead something else, something rather creepy...

However, finding the planet is only a beginning. There's unrest among the passengers of the ship and then there's the question of another signal... Things get quite spooky, in a rather quiet and subtle way. This is not an action-packed story, but contains lots of quiet suspense. Some reviews claim the book leaves too many things unresolved and while that's true to some extent, it didn't bother me.

This book was originally published in US as Ship of Fools. Unto Leviathan is the British edition published by Orbit. [ Ship of Fools at ]Unto Leviathan at LibraryThing ]

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