May 28, 2002

Iron Maiden: No Prayer for the Dying

Iron Maiden: No Prayer for the DyingLP, EMI 1990

Track list: Tailgunner - Holy Smoke - No Prayer for the Dying - Public Enema Number One - Fates Warning - The Assassin - Run Silent Run Deep - Hooks in You - Bring Your Daughter... the Slaughter - Mother Russia

Ah, Iron Maiden. My first step into the dark abyss of metal music, I still remember my friend forcing me to watch the video of "Be Quick Or Be Dead". Also, Iron Maiden is still my favourite heavy metal band. As this was one of the two of the Dickinson-era albums my collection was missing, I quickly grabbed it when I found the cheap lp at a Prague music shop. And what can I say? First class heavy metal. It might not be their best album, but it still has some killer tracks ("Public Enema Number One", "Fates Warning", "Run Silent, Run Deep", "Bring Your Daughter...") with some less excellent, but still nice songs. But of course, I'm bloody biased. ****

Six Months Later:
Nothing to add. I still like Iron Maiden while I must admit I haven't listened to them much. My current taste in metal is a lot heavier. Still, No Prayer for Dying is a first-class heavy metal album. ****

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