June 04, 2002


OOOOOps-cokishCD, 267 lattajjaa 2002

Track list: Mother Goose: Life Is Short - Can Can Heads: Tenho's Last Trip - The Blubberheads: When I'm With You - September Sounds: Dreamlike - Aïr: Apartment Building - Ilai: Kaisalle 25.10.2001 - Pillupuhelin: Jeesuskin maksa - Plat Ypus: Organic Machinery - Paraffin Affiliates: Iljusin - Unidentified Sound Objects: MDF-record - Unidentified Sound Objects: Choko AD - Hard-Boiled Truck Drivers: Little Sister - Clay Figure: Cooking Missionaries - Jolie: Kristallista - Lörsson: She - Murha Murha Itsemurha: Liha lisää elinvoimaa - O Samuli A: Viaton luontokappale - Space Rocket: Sperville Falls - Sienikeitto: Ulkosatama (Cargo Vessel Edit) - Grey Park: Very Out - Suction Cup Genitals: Gimme My Daily Perkele! - Murha Murha Itsemurha: Sori, ei tiskiharjaa - APO: Kai - Arkham: Kadath (Excerpt) - Planet Kengraij: Dogs With Delay - Agnosia: Stain - Gelsomina: Horns and Tail - Haare: Wahnsinn (a.k.a. Nebulah Storm in the 3rd House of the Rising Capricorn) (excerpt) - Insight: Glamorama - Toni Kandelin: Reburnia - Mother Goose: Minimal Pop

OOOOO is a Finnish mailing list, mainly focused on eccentric music. Somebody figured out that many of the list subscribers are active musicians and that it would be a great idea to create a compilation album of music made by the list members. Hannu Haahti was mental enough to take on the task and here's the result, a 100-copy limited edition compilation album. Most of the bands are quite unknown and styles vary from noise to soft pop. It is a very surprising experience... ***

Six Months Later:
There are four-star tracks and there are one-star tracks. It's really eccentric mix of this and that, and thus I don't listen to it. ***

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