June 13, 2002

Merzbow: 1930

Merzbow: 1930CD, Tzadik 1998

Track list: Intro - 1930 - Munchen - Degradation of Tapes - Iron, Glass, Blocks & White Lights

Merzbow is the very intense music - if you can call it music. Ask any Joe Average, and the answer you get is no. Merzbow crafts sound, creating terrifying atmospheres and emotionally heavy soundscapes. There's more to it than just random noise. The key to enjoying 1930 is to listen to it loud enough - it's probably best to do with headphones, unless you live far enough from other people or don't mind getting evicted. 1930 is not an album you would like to listen to twice in a row, but every now and then, it works wonders. ****

Six Months Later:
I think I have listened to 1930 exactly once. I guess I should refresh my memories one of these days... But still, I feel some sort of shock and awe - it's a bit scary, and definitely impressive. ****

Category: Electronic
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