August 16, 2002

Swans: Various Failures

Swans: Various Failures2xCD, Young God Records 1998

Track list: Miracle of Love - Black Eyed Dog - The Golden Boy that Was Swallowed by the Sea - (-) - I Remember Who You Are - Her - No Cruel Angel - When She Breathes - Why Are We Alive? - The Child's Right - (-) - The Other Side of the World - Song for Dead Time (mg version) - Love Will Save You - Blind - Unfortunate Lie (instrumental version) - Was He Alive? - Failure - Identity - Can't Find My Way Home - Trust Me - Better Than You - Love Will Tear Us Apart (j. version) - Will We Survive? - Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes - God Damn the Sun - Eyes of Nature - You Know Everything - Song for Dead Time (j. version) - Picture of Maryanne - Amnesia - Dream Dream - Please Remember Me - New Mind (acoustic)

My only regret about this album is not finding it, say, five years ago. Back then I would've been even more impressed by it, if that's possible. The feeling is close to listening to Joy Division's Heart and Soul box for the first time. Oh-my-god-this-is-good! If you like your music heavy as lead (but not heavy as in heavy metal) and black as the night, here you go. The songs are atmospheric, beautiful and gloomy. Best comparison I can draw is to the House of Usher, who have similar melodies in their songs. Also, the double cd might be a bit expensive, but contains over 150 minutes of aural candy worth every cent you pay. *****

Category: Goth
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