September 22, 2002

Adamson, Barry: Moss Side Story

Barry Adamson: Moss Side StoryCD, Mute 1989

Track list: On The Wrong Side of Relaxation - Under Wraps - Central Control - Round Up the Usual Suspects - Sounds From the Big House - Everything Happens to Me - The Swinging Detective - Autodestruction - Intensive Cre - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World - Free at Last - Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Chocolate Milk Shake - The Man With the Golden Arm

Barry Adamson's debut starts with a haunting contribution from the women with the most blood-curdling voice I've ever heard: Diamanda Galas. She sets the black-and-white tone of the album. Someone was killed, and Barry Adamson will provide the sound track. And what an excellent, dark world it is. I'm not sure, if I want to enter the world Barry Adamson paints a picture of here. ****

Category: Jazz, Funk & Cool
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