May 26, 2003

CMX: Lepattajat

CMX: LepattajatCD, Herodes/EMI Finland 2003

Track list: Lepattajat - Ruisperkele

CMX was my favourite band for long, but slowly my interest is waning. At least I'm seriously considering the need to buy every single they release. Of course, it's good to hear some tasters of the coming album - especially as I don't listen to radio. Their b-side songs are usually interesting, as is the case this time. Both "Lepattajat" and "Ruisperkele" are good songs, there's no doubt about it. Don't let the bad rating mislead you, it's not the songs. But the price! The bloody two-song six-minute single cost 5,95 euros! That's theft. It's good I can split the costs with my girl friend, but still it's too much. I'll be buying their albums, but I'll have to reconsider the singles. **

Category: Rock
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