Coleman, Ornette: Change of the Century

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Ornette Coleman: Change of the CenturyCD, Atlantic 1992 (1960)

Track list: Ramblin' - Free - The Face of the Bass - Forerunner - Bird Food - Una Muy Bonita - Change of the Century

Ornette might be free, but not out of reach. I find Change of the Century quite easy to "get". And why should one care about whether the music is understood in all detail? There's groove and energy in it and it doesn't sound boring and academical. What else do you want from any music? Try songs like "Ramblin'" and "Una Muy Bonita", for example. ****

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Six Months Later:
Change of the Century hasn't been visiting my cd player very actively. Perhaps I should drop one star off... Can't really say if it's worse or better than the other Coleman albums I have, but at least it's less tempting. ***


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