New Model Army: The Ghost of Cain

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New Model Army: The Ghost of CainCD, EMI 1986

Track list: The Hunt - Lights Go Out - 51st State - All of This - Poison Street - Western Dream - Lovesongs - Heroes - Ballad - Master Race

New Model Army is one of my favourite punk bands. Their songs are melodic and catchy - anything that makes you sing along a political or social lyrics is good in my books. The vocals are excellent and the album sounds very good. My favourite tracks are the singles "51st State" and "Poison Street", but also "Lovesongs", "Western Dream" and "Heroes" are especially worth checking out. *****

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Six Months Later:
Excellent, just excellent. The album is very close to perfection. *****



Stephan Schmidt said:

I've always thought, it was perfect :-)

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