Die Krupps: The Final Remixes

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Die Krupps: The Final RemixesCD, Rough Trade 1994

Track list: To the Hilt - Paradise of Sin - Language of Reality - Fatherland - Worst Case Scenario - Shellshocked - Crossfire - Bloodsuckers - Iron Man - Inside Out - New Temptation - Hi Tech Low Life - The Dawning of Doom - Ministry of Fear - Metal Machine Music - Rings of Steel

I'm not a huge fan of Die Krupps' later releases, but I like them anyway. This one was an obvious purchase, as I got it cheaply (3 euros) and it includes the "Fatherland" remix by Andrew Eldritch and Rodney Orpheus. It's great song and the best remix of it I've heard. "The Dawning of Doom" by Waltari and "New Temptation" by F.M. Einheit (of Einst├╝rzende Neubauten) are rather good as well. Rest of it doesn't really stand out. The songs are good, but remixes aren't really that special. I'd really expect something different from a remix by Jeff Walker (of Carcass). ***

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