February 07, 2004

Kemet: The Night Before

Kemet: The Night BeforeCD, Thundering Records 2004

Track list: Emilie's Broken Heart - Sister Sorrow - Short Term God - One Chance Left - Valuable Things - The Lucid Song (Embers of Dawn part II) - Suicide Me - Orchids for Kids

I don't know why, but I don't know many French singers who sing in English and do it well. Kemet's vocalist is no different. Their music is some kind of goth metal (dark sensual metal is what the label calls it), which leaves me a bit cold even though I like goth and metal. One major reason is the weak vocals. Put Ville Valo in charge and it would be fine. The songs are also slightly bland, with some exceptions ("Sister Sorrow", for one, is a pretty good track). Nice, but bland. **

Category: Goth

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