Reign of Erebus: Inversion Principle

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Reign of Erebus: Inversion PrincipleCD, Blackend 2004

Track list: Reclamation and Mastery - Maelstrom - Feeding the Furnace - The Storm - Constrictor - ...Angels Brought Thee Ashes - To Shame the Skies - Inversion Principle - Warfare

Now this is brilliant. Reign of Erebus focuses on what's important in black metal - and that's pure wrath - and delivers a thundering blast. Inversion Principle is simply the best black metal album of 2004 this far (and I'm impressed, if something comes up that's even better). Their sound features prominent drums, buzzing guitars, well-done vocals and subtle synth effects. In addition of their own, very good songs, Reign of Erebus covers the classic Warfare from Zyklon-B. *****

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