Despairation: Music for the Night

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Despairation: Music for the NightCD, My Kingdom Music 2004

Track list: Music For The Night - Drift - Phantastronaut - River Of Perdition - Underground Poetry - Madrigal - L'Avion Ivre - Asteroid YB5 - Firebird - Moondrawn Awakening - Proteus - Zeitgeist - April Mourning - Songs Of The Nightingale - Nuit En Enfer - Colourado Mindtrip - Space Sound Park - Penelope

Music for the Night is a curious album. First of all, it's way too long. 80 minutes of music is too much on a non-compilation album, period. That said, some of the songs are very interesting. Phantastronaut, Songs of the Nightingale, L'Avion Ivre and so on are quite fantastic. The vocalist has a good David Bowie -thing going on and the soft gothpop/darkwave touch is nice. Were this one shorter, it would be much better. ***

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