June 20, 2005

Mortal Love: I Have Lost...

Mortal Love: I Have Lost... CD, Massacre Records 2005

Track list: Existence - Serenity - Spine - Adoration - Senses - Empathy - Reality - Sanity - Identity - Hope - Memory - Everything

Let's see: this Norwegian (check) band features a pretty female vocalist (check) who has a rather beautiful voice (check). They are aiming full blast at both goth (check) and metal (check) audiences... Well, if you've read my reviews, you know what I think of these bland and generic female-vocalist led goth metal bands: if it ain't Theatre of Tragedy good, it ain't nothing. Once again: the vocalist is good (if a bit thin on the voice), the songs are decent, but it just doesn't excite me a bit. Goth metal fans, check this one out, otherwise forget it. ***

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Category: Goth

Mortal Love rules!! they're the best

Posted by: Bixo at September 20, 2005 8:42 PM

Mortal Love kicks ass!!!!

Posted by: Michael at November 17, 2005 3:41 AM

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