Rutthna: Doomsdaylight

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Rutthna: DoomsdaylightCD, Black Lodge 2005

Track list: Doomsdaylight - Bleed Your Wounds - Season of Huge Mortality - Daughter of Chaos - Words of Prey - The Fifth Angel - Evolution's End

Rutthna's black metal sound relies on wicked mood and slower tempos than usual. No blindingly fast blastbeats here, but that's fine: I like the result anyway. However, even though the songs sound good, the content's a bit lacking. Nothing really sticks to my mind, and that usually means that I won't return to the album after I'm finished reviewing it. It's a shame, but perhaps Rutthna's next album will be better? There's certainly potential. ***

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Wagner said:

An absolutley incrediable cd,that sounds like very early sabbath but with brillant recording production.
The songs just plod along with sinister sounding vocals and a very meaty bass sound,there is nothing lacking about this at all.
The fact that this is Rhutthna's first recording shows they will be a force,in the black metal scene.
Doomsdaylight would rate as one of the best debut recording's of a black metal act ever,its that good,and the recording is very impressive.

Chris said:

I was pretty suprised to find how could the sound quality is for a black metal debut album.
The vocals remind me of darkthrone which I think is a good thing, the drums arn't blastbeated but if they where it would ruin the atmosphere that the synergy of the drums and piano create.
8/10 a great album I really like the atmosphere is amazing go check it out.

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