EverEve: Tried & Failed

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EverEve: Tried & FailedCD, Massacre 2005

Track list: Thighs Wide Shut (Overture) - Tried & Failed - You're Mine - A Scornful Love - Desire - Pine Oil Heaven - I'm Not Afraid (Of Losing You Again) - Anima Sola - On Thin Ice - Hide From Me - Thighs Wide Shut (Reprise) - Forsaken - Before Sunrise - Epilogue 2005

I'm quite sure I won't be the only one to say this, but here goes: EverEve has, indeed, tried and failed. I enjoyed Regret, but this album just doesn't cut it. With only one or two decent tracks (Pine Oil Heaven, Forsaken), Tried & Failed is surprisingly mediocre stuff. The embarrassing s/m imagery doesn't certainly help it. These guys could do better. **

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eddie said:

hey i think its RAD man pine oil heaven been listening to it for a few days now its so cool its hard to find any thing so i gonna get it off amazon

rock on

I sincerely disagree with that review. "Tried and Failed" is a very good album, but it must be considered as an innovation gothic metal album, 'cause EverEve is an electronic gothic metal band since their "E.netics" album. This "Tried and Failed" album is the end of the evolution of EverEve on their try for getting their sound. It's a very interesting album, with dark lyrics and cruel melodies.

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