Metsatöll: Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218

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Metsatöll: Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218CD, Nailboard Records 2005

Track list: Sissejuhatus - Veresulased - Hundiraev - Terasetuli - Mõõk - Terast mis hangund me hinge - Metsaviha 1 - Metsaviha 2 - Pöhjatuulte pojad ja tütred - Oma laulu ei leia ma üles

Estonian pagan folk metallists Metsatöll return to their six-year old debut and re-record it with more resources. I haven't heard the original, but this new edition sounds just sweet. Strong attitude and good musicianship, that's a killer combination. Angry as hell, these Estonians sing in their native language and let loose the wolf's rage. Excellent stuff. ****

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