Runollisuus kunniaan

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Onhan se hauskaa, kun tenttikirjassa törmää runoilevaan filosofiin:

In these early days of the digital transition, we are working out how to throw our voices into silicon; we are working out (in Latour’s language) how to delegate responsibility to ensembles of ones and zeros. But the ventriloquist’s dummy cannot talk without the collusion of both a ventriloquist and an audience who are willing to pretend that the voice is coming from a block of wood. The door can’t do its part without the support of travelers.

David M. Levy: Documents and Libraries: A Sociotechnical Perspective teoksessa Digital Library Use: Social Practice in Design and Evaluation

Onneksi ei ole minun tentittävänäni… delegate responsibility to ensembles of ones and zeros, hih.