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I've now received several rather nasty PayPal fraud attempts in my inbox. I got a very authentic-looking e-mail saying that to prevent fraud(!), I should log in to the PayPal web site and verify some information about me. I believed it enough that I went to see the web site. It looked exactly like a regular PayPal login, but with one huge exception: the address in the location bar of my browser wasn't PayPal's. Oops.

Fortunately I didn't enter my user name and password, but I'm afraid many people have. I reported the fraud to PayPal, hopefully they will do something. If an experienced e-mail user like me can be fooled, then what about somehow who isn't critical enough?

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I just got one and reported, except they asked for way more than just my paypal account info, they wanted bank account numbers, online bank account access, pin numbers social security, drivers license credit card limit, all that.

Posted by: space at July 3, 2003 1:26 PM

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