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I like the RSS technology, but I haven't been satisfied with various RSS feed readers I've tried (those include AmphetaDesk, NewsMonster, Syndirella and nntp//rss). Somehow each has been too complicated in every-day use and I've quickly stopped using them.

Thanks to a RSS discussion on the Spielfrieks list, I've found something better: rss2email by Aaron Schwarz. I've set it up to check my feeds three times every day - if it finds anything new, it e-mails it to me. I don't need to use any external software to read the feeds. When I'm on my computer, I've got mail reader open 90% of the time. I don't need to remember to start any other programs (as with nntp//rss, which also shows the feeds in my mail/news reader).

Simply put, the solution is perfect for me. It took some installation effort, especially as I had to hunt down and install a newer version of python (which was surprisingly easy, even though I had to compile it from the sources).

Of course, I wouldn't be the geek I am, if I didn't already have plans to improve the system. I'm thinking about web interface... Then I could offer the system as a service for other people, as well. I'll keep on thinking about that... Meanwhile I enjoy reading my RSS feeds with Mozilla Mail!

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