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I've found few rather interesting web resources recently.

Let's start with, which is a social bookmarks system. Users can use it to store their bookmarks. Bookmarks are public and the front page is a never-stopping stream of interesting links, which you can easily grab on your own lists as well. You can categorise the lists with a simple tag system. All the bookmarks are available in RSS format (see the sidebar for my latest delicious links, for example). You can also subscribe to someone else's bookmarks within the system. It's pre-pre-alpha, but already really interesting.

I like! is another interesting bookmark-related system. It's idea is simple: when you hit an interesting page while surfing, you hit a I like! button in your browser (implemented as a bookmarklet). From your selections, the system builds a profile and recommends some links to you. At the moment the recommendations aren't too cool, but I expect the system to improve when it's databases grow. It's interesting, but still beta. It's slowish and doesn't really shine yet, but I'm curious.

Finally we come to Bloglines, which is a highly useful RSS feed reader. It's web-based, so you can check your feeds everywhere without installing any software. It's the best thing since rss2email, which still rules the field in my opinion. Bloglines has lots of interesting features, including the possibility to export a blogroll. You can see that in action on Gameblog, where the blogroll is taken from Bloglines. Check it out and subscribe me (I've included a handy subscription link button).

I notice the English side of this blog is highly geeky.

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