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When I told you about my Linux box, I said I was wondering if I had any use for the machine. Well, it turned out surprisingly useful. I've been using a lot, mostly for everyday stuff like web surfing, reading my e-mails and writing. Johanna has been able to use our main computer for her web surfing more while I haven't been shut from computer while she surfs. Everyone's happy.

I've been very satisfied with Linux, especially since I switched from KDE to WindowMaker. My only problem is with Galeon, which is slow to draw stuff on screen. But I think it's unfair to compare it to Firebird running on my other computer (433 MHz Celeron vs AMD Barton 3000+). However, I have to check if some other browsers are any faster. Reading my e-mails with pine is always a delight, even though I do miss my spam filter...

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