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I was asked about which one is better, Nucleus or Movable Type. I thought I'd share my answer with you all:

It depends. If you want several blogs on your system, Movable Type is better choice. You really can't have multiple blogs with their own authors in Nucleus, because to edit the skins and templates you need system administrator rights.

If you want to have just one blog, both are fine. Movable Type has perhaps a bit better user interface, while Nucleus has some other advantages. If you want to do your plugins, Nucleus uses PHP and MT Perl, that might make a difference.

You get wider support with Movable Type, but because it's more popular, people know it's weaknesses and exploit them. I haven't received comment spam on my Nucleus blog.

I think I prefer Movable Type slightly. I prefer the concept of building static pages from data stored in the database. Since the pages don't change that often, it saves you database traffic. Of course, if you want to do something dynamic, Nucleus makes it easier.

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I haven't tried MT yet, after reading this I might want to try it out. But I like what Nuclues offers. its great!


Posted by: Shalin Jain at March 5, 2004 1:21 PM

Well, I tried MT. It's great. but the new licensing policy sucks! So I am moving to wordpress... also i have discovered an amazing CMS solution for more serious projects - typo3.


Posted by: Shalin Jain at June 18, 2004 7:29 AM

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