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I moved the permalinks to title so that the title of the entry is the link text. That's good thing, usability-wise, I think. Link text should tell something about the target of the link, not about the function, I suppose. I think that's fairly elegant solution, which I've seen used elsewhere.

Biggest and most interesting news in Finland right now is the Lake Bodom murder case. Three young campers were brutally killed at the Lake Bodom in Espoo 44 years ago. The murder has remained a mystery until now. Police has arrested the person they think probably did it. What's surprising is that the person arrested is the fourth camper, who survived the attack. Now DNA evidence points to his direction.

If it really is him, I'd say that's pretty amazing. Of course it's a good thing such a classic murder mystery is solved and murder is found. But imagine how the murderer must have felt! For 44 years he has been able to hide the fact that he brutally stabbed three of his friends to death. What that must've done to his psyche! This, of course, assuming he really did it.

Police has been quite quiet about it this far, but at least I'm rather curious to hear more details about the case.

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I like this story, i havew my own vision of this murder on my site but this is in polish so sorry but you can't read it.

Posted by: Astaroth at March 31, 2005 12:01 AM

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