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I checked the list of best keywords in my MT-Blacklist. Those have been most succesful in blocking spam comments and if they are not on your blacklist, they probably should be. The hits have been collected, by the way, over a period of month so as you can see, I get lots of comment spam in my blogs. Here goes: (1269 hits)
phentermine (1094)
tramadol (1017)
meridia (909)
adipex (898)
xenical (888)
ionamin (888)
tenuate (886)
buy online -regex (512)
-hold-em (505)
<h1> (501)

That's the top 10, all over 500 hits. is the worst source of comment spam, assuming it's one source. Block it right away and you'll save yourself lots of trouble. Others on the list are pretty obvious: most comment spam sells drugs. Viagra is, by they way, way down the list. It's just not that popular anymore. Levitra is more popular. The most popular pills are all weight loss, except Tramadol which is a pain killer. Ritalin is also fairly popular. "-hold-em" refers to Texas Hold'Em, which is a very popular Poker game. It's also very popular in comment spam. I think most of the garbage landing on Gameblog is related to Poker. <h1> was means to block a surge of comment spam which didn't advertise anything.

Edit: Comments are closed; funny enough, this entry was a real spam magnet.


I take it that these are all strings except for "buy online", which you have as a regex entry....

I have a couple of questions:
(1) Have you noticed these entries to still be climbing, or does it seem to change every month or every quarter?
(2) How did you get the stats?

I've posted on the MT-Blacklist forum asking if there are others who've posted their popular entries, like you have.

Posted by: J. J. at March 15, 2005 5:25 AM

First number two: unfortunately MT-Blacklist can't show the list of strings sorted by amount of hits. However, it's easy to get that list by accessing the SQL table mt_ext_bl_item directly.

Here's my current top ten:

<h1> (17884 hits)
phentermine (13712)
-hold-em (11604)
viagra (9504)
buy online -regex (8129)
online casino -regex (8072)
tramadol (7969)
levitra (7863)
diet pill/penis enlargement -regex (7516)
online poker (4621)

So, <h1> has been a real killer. Phentermine rocks, Viagra has gone up (heh), some new regexes have come up... overall the amount of spam comments has gotten ridiculous. hasn't gotten a single hit since the last time.

Posted by: Mikko Saari Author Profile Page at March 15, 2005 7:58 AM