Pieces of April and The Last Horror Movie

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Pieces of April didn't look too impressive based on the cover, but turned out to be a real indie movie gem. Good actors combined with a heart-warming story worked out fine. The story is rather typical Thanksgiving family reunion, but with enough twist and edge to make it interesting. There's a dash of seriousness and even black comedy to balance out the sweetness of the theme. It's certainly the best Thanksgiving movie I've seen.

The Last Horror Movie tries to be a different horror movie and succeeds ok. A serial killer documents his killings while chatting pleasantly with the camera. Much of the goodness of the movie comes from the persona of Kevin Howarth, who plays the lead role. There's plenty of grim humour and it all adds up to, indeed, different kind of movie. Despite its silliness, the end of the movie succeeds in creating an unpleasant feeling, thanks to Howarth's fine acting.

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