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Ruby on Rails is an amazing framework for developing web apps. I don't know what it can do, but I know making a todo list app with it was mind-bogglingly simple.

While I like doing web apps, I absolutely hate doing the routine chores that are involved each and every time: handling forms, doing the very basic MySQL operations... It's always the same, and it was interesting on the first time. Ruby on Rails makes all that deceptively simple.

Unfortunately my great idea to start learning Ruby on Rails will probably die a sad death, since my ISP doesn't support even Ruby. Too bad. I can't install it myself (it's all fine until the dreaded "make install" step, which I can't perform) and I'm fairly sure they won't install it, either; of course it never hurts to ask, but they've been somewhat disinterested in installing new modules or anything.

That's sad, but perhaps I'll keep on practising on our PowerBook. I have MySQL, Ruby has a webserver (and if I want more, OS X comes with Apache), so I can do whatever I want. Perhaps I can't do anything public, but at least I can practise Ruby, as it seems to be quite an interesting language.

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