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I've discovered two nice utilities to enhance one's music experience.

Clutter by Sprote Research is a small OS X application that shows the album cover of the currently playing track. While iTunes does that too, sure, but with Clutter, you can drag'n'drop the cover on your desktop. That way you can emulate piles of cds cluttering your real desktop.

I'm not sure if that's of real use, but something else in Clutter is: there's also a browser mode, where you can browse your album collection. If a cover is missing from the music file, Clutter will find it from Amazon. Then you can just press shift-command-K to attach the cover to the music file so you see it in iTunes, as well. That's pretty useful.

CoverBuddy is more interesting way to utilize covers. It shows your music collection as albums with their cover art, so you can browse through them like they were real cds. That's pretty neat.

However, CoverBuddy is shareware and makes it annoyingly obvious if you haven't registered it, covering every cover with an ugly "please register" message. I'm not sure if I wish to pay that, so probably I'll end up tossing CoverBuddy away. Clutter, however, is free.

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