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It's fun to notice I can still get quite excited by small things. One of them is Salling Clicker, a tool for Mac. Our PowerBook has Bluetooth capabilities, as does my mobile phone. Salling Clicker connects the two and allows me to control the Mac with the phone.

This can be used for presentations, reading e-mail, running AppleScripts doing whatever or simply as a remote control for iTunes! For example, I'm now listening to music and rating the songs as I hear them. Instead of bringing up the iTunes and interrupting my work (ahem) flow, I'll just reach for my mobile phone and adjust the rating. I can switch songs, adjust the volume and if somebody calls me, iTunes goes on pause automatically.

It's just fun. It's pretty useless, though at times I might want to control the music from the sofa, for example, but it's fun. It's just amazing, the way it works. I'm still a bit of a child at heart, I suppose.

Now I'm left wondering if this is something I'd like to pay $20 for... The unregistered edition is limited to 30 clicks on each connection, which is annoying. This just might be cool enough to buy, when I have more money.

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