Office Building: The Sun Hit the Water

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Office Building: The Sun Hit the WaterCD, Aisti Records 2003

Track list: Flies Around the Fire - She Appeared to Me - Crystal Clear - Tomorrow Again - Keep Walking On - Defy the Laws of Reasoning - The Land of Golden Dreams - All Unwinds - The Door to the Room of Your Heart - Don't Let Me Hang On - The Road Is Long Enough - The Right to Dream

Office Building has done two excellent but little-known albums before this one. Could it be their time now? At least the album is perhaps better than ever before. Their slightly introverted attitude has opened up a bit, the songs are less complicated and easier to grasp. And good as ever! Just check "Flies Around the Fire" or "Tomorrow Again". "Don't Let Me Hang On" hangs on to their earlier material, Pekko K├Ąppi's violin brings shades of their past. There's even something for the fans of The Smiths and people who like country music. Brilliant album. *****

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Jussi Halli said:

Great album indeed.

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