Ganglion: The Stripped

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Ganglion: The StrippedCD, Fullsteam Records 2003

Track list: Culmination - Boundary Lines - Bedlam Fever - Stripped

For once a record I don't actually like. The music isn't bad, or at least too bad, but the vocalist really doesn't do it for me, I don't like that kind of screaming. It must be black metal shrieks or death metal growl or clean vocals. This one isn't. Also, the songs are a bit unorganised, feels like they really don't know which way to go. "Bedlam Fever" is a highlight and sort of interesting, but the rest of it I don't like. **

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rudi said:

Don't agree with your review:) But I agree that the vocalist has to improve. I think he allready has.

pooki said:

CULMINATION ROCKS! the rest is average

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