Cosmo Jones Beat Machine: Negrospiritualized

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Cosmo Jones Beat Machine: NegrospiritualizedCD, Hot Igloo 2003

Track list: Aboriginality - (Doin' the) Jonestown Stomp - Stripped-Down Spirituality - Dinin' with the Mau-Mau - Jesus Don't Mind My Drinking - Mississippi Sound System - EuroLeroy - Voodoo Audio Blues - Parallel City - Preachin' the Gospel - Hellbait - Smilin' Snakes

I liked My Style Is Eurostyle - the previous album from Cosmo Jones Beat Machine - a lot. That's kind of curious, because my first contact with the band was a gig I didn't like. It took them a long time to release their second album, but here it is finally - and it's way better than the first one! Their rhythm'n'blues stomp has a bit more variety than before, but the wicked groove that makes your head nod and feet click the beat is there. Simply the best blues I've got in my collection. ****

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