Amorphis: Tuonela

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Amorphis: TuonelaCD, Spinefarm 1998

Track list: The Way - Morning Star - Nightfall - Tuonela - Greed - Divinity - Shining - Withered - Rusty Moon - Summer's End

I generally think the opinions presented in All Music Guide are ok, but their review of Tuonela, with 1½ stars is way off. Way way off. The writer seems to be an older fan of death metal -era Amorphis. Well, I'm not. Karelian Isthmus is the worst Amorphis album ever and the only one I dislike. Tuonela, in the other hand, features few killer tracks ("The Way", "Tuonela" and "Divinity") and sounds simply great. Influences from eastern lands and progressive rock can be heard. Pasi Koskinen does great work on the vocals. ****

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