Sorb-i-tol: The Flight

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Sorb-i-tol: The FlightCD-R, Muovi 111 2003

Track list: Bossachutney - Al Dente - Tomodachi - Bluenoir

This is the third release from Sorb-i-tol and the second one to include vocals by Lotta Rytkönen. Her presence is definitely a good thing, even though I liked the first album a lot as well. Anyway, there's nothing really new about this four track EP. There's cool and jazzy music by Jukka Sillanpää, with even cooler vocals by Lotta. I kind of wish there'd be more Barry Adamson to it, but it's all right as it is. ***

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Thanks for your comments!

Some info (I haven't had time to update our web-site, sorry about that) about our upcoming release:

I'm just working with a first Sorb-I-Tol DVD right now, which will contains videos for these The Flight-songs (directed by couple different directors from Finland), perhaps couple other songs etc.

Best Regards

Jukka Sillanpaa

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