Viikate: Kaunis kotkan käsi

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Viikate: Kaunis kotkan käsiCDs, Ranka Recordings 2003

Track list: Kaunis kotkan käsi - Rauta-airot (Iron Horse/Born to Lose) - Lyhdyn nään syttyvän (Blue Chatou)

Viikate has a new album and this is the first single from it. Sounds good. "Kaunis kotkan käsi" is among the best of the rocking Viikate tracks. "Lyhdyn nään syttyvän", a cover of a Japanese classic instrumental song is more on the sad and quiet side and a perfectly good example of that. Motörhead cover "Rauta-airot" is also a fine track. All in all a good single, but it's made 2/3 obsolete by the coming album. ***

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