September 30, 2003

Iron Maiden: Dance of Death

Iron Maiden: Dance of DeathCD (Copy Controlled), EMI 2003

Track list: Wildest Dreams - Rainmaker - No More Lies - Montségur - Dance of Death - Gates of Tomorrow - New Frontier - Paschendale - Face in the Sand - Age of Innocence - Journeyman

New Iron Maiden album was a must-buy, even though it's Copy Controlled. Shame on EMI. It took me some time to form an opinion of this album - it's obviously not as good as their best albums, but definitely better than Brave New World. Dance of Death isn't catchy. The songs are quite long and complicated enough so it takes a while before one can appreciate them fully. It's worth it, though - while there are no new instant Maiden classics, the songwriting on the album is rather solid. My favourites right now are the historical dramas "Montségur" and "Paschendale". I did some research on those songs, if you're interested. Iron Maiden is very much alive and kicking. ****

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Category: Heavy metal

iron maiden is the greatest band of all times, paschendale dance of death and no more lies are my favourites

Posted by: jorge at October 4, 2003 12:55 AM

The drive from the music store to my house the day of the new release, with “Dance of death” as part of my new effects, was a constant thought of whether I would be a happy buyer or a bitter metal fan listening how his favorite band reached the dawn of their careers as musicians. But when I reached my apartment and played the record loud! I was amazed by the complexity and assortment of riffs and melodies which this eleven track album held. It’s notorious that they put a tremendous amount of effort in compelling each of the eleven songs, so if someone says that one theme sucks is just a matter of particular taste and not a matter faculty or lack of capacity from the band to be able to bring into being great music. I am happy that my uneasiness and agitations where silenced when I listened to the Dance of the Death. I was wrong to judge age with talent as Maiden proves that they are still on of the best metal bands in history and I feel ashamed to have doubted them for a while. Maiden rules! and I’m looking forward for tour dates and more Maiden news.

Posted by: Andrew Adrians at November 30, 2003 7:23 PM

Iron Maiden is finally Back as Iron Maiden!

Fuck the Midia, they have never (and still have not)need it!

Sometime Steve reminds me of Powerslave in some tracks.

Believe, this Album is a Maiden one.

Posted by: Giovanni Finetti at December 1, 2003 8:13 PM

Critics mostly don't know what they're talking about. Brave New World was GREAT, and Dance of Death is even better. I want more Iron Maiden!

The only really low point in their career was No Prayer for the Dying, and part of Fear of the Dark.

Iron Maiden at their best sound too complex for most boneheaded music listeners, but the sound is just right for real fans of their talent. Up the irons!

Posted by: C. Thorstensson at December 5, 2003 2:43 AM

As a one myself, I'd say critics usually know what they're talking about. However, that doesn't make their opinions correct or the only truth. My suggestion is to find a critic you like (ie. one who gives good ratings to new Iron Maiden albums) and pay more attention to his or her other reviews. Forget those critics, who bash your favourites.

I still think Brave New World was good except for those over-repeated chorus bits. Dance of Death is clearly better. Still, nothing beats Number of the Beast and Powerslave...

Posted by: Mikko at December 6, 2003 1:59 PM

The album is excellent. There needs to be an effort by fans to convince Maiden to make a video for Paschendale. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and MARINES everywhere can relate to this and I'm convinced it'd be an instant hit. I too researched Montsegur and Paschendale after hearing them, like Mikko.

Posted by: Dan Wickens at December 12, 2003 1:12 AM

This is simply put the best Iron Maiden album since Piece of Mind (and that's going back a stretch). From the opening track 'Wildest Dreams' to the story of the 'Journeyman', Iron Maiden captivates the listener and takes him/her away. The underlying theme present in many songs is the midieval King Arthur-style melodies (listen to Dance of Death, Montsegur and Paschendale). I did not take to this record on first listen but after three or four plays and seeing the tour twice, I am convinced this is one of their finer works. I have been a Maiden fan since NOTB and seen them live at least ten times. I am happy to report they have not skipped a beat. You always get your 'Maiden's worth' with this band and Dance of Death is no exception.

Posted by: Danny N at January 29, 2004 6:22 PM

Dance Of Death is a complex album. I agree but who can say that Brave New World sucks?!?Or any Maiden album?The worst Maiden Albums are always better than like any oh numetal-bands!Any disagree?It`s just the truth, the cold fact.Something about the newest album:there are no touching areas, but it means that the album should listen throuhgt a couple of times until it opens.And it`s just good!It isn`t a popsong which opens at first time when you heard it.That means also that you get bored that song fast!But the Dance Of Death is a great album.I think that the best song is now Journeyman.This is just my opinion!Finland thanks!

Posted by: Reverity at May 12, 2004 10:43 PM

eeh..brave new world is one of their defenitly best albums! i like this it myself..the best song is face in the sand..

Posted by: Bush at February 3, 2005 9:35 PM

well, i can say that this album i was a bit disapointed,... i dont like most of these song, but its still a great classic,.... there arn't any favorites exept rainmaker,.... and by the way, fear of the dark, is a good album,.... like weekend warrior, from there to eternity and afraid to shot strangers, but my favorite is still somewhere in time and number of the beast and killers....:P:P

Posted by: Simon at April 6, 2005 10:05 PM

Well I thought this album to be very boring, it sends me to sleep after the first few tracks. I bought Dance of Death when it was released and still I have only listened to it once all the way through. I can not make myself to sit through this entire boring cd before falling asleep . I have to throw on Number of the Beast to remind myself of how great Maiden were. If anyone wants my copy, I am giving it away.

Posted by: Nachthymnen at November 3, 2005 6:49 AM

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