October 23, 2003

Liekki: Korppi

Liekki: KorppiCD, Ranka Recordings 2003

Track list: Veit omasi lentoon - Kun kattojen ylle löi (aurinkoon) - En voi auttaa - Korppi - Luulin, luulen - Tikari - Saattaja - Tuletko niinkuin öinen maa - Pienokainen - Valkoinen on enkelten yö

I was mildly curious about the first Liekki album ("Magio"), but hearing some songs from "Korppi" got me even more curious. After choosing "Pienokainen" for my cell phone ring tune, I finally went and bought the album. I'm very glad I did, because it's simply excellent. It's sensitive pop music, which I would date to 1970's, if I didn't know better. I like the 70's touch, it makes Liekki sound refreshingly different. I'm also sucker for flute, which can be heard on several songs. There are plenty of good tracks, the best being probably "Veit omasi lentoon", "Korppi", "Pienokainen", "En voi auttaa"... but they are all great. Very, very good! *****

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