White Stripes, The: Elephant

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The White Stripes: ElephantCD, XL Recordings 2003

Track list: Seven Nation Army - Black Math - There's No Home for You Here - I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself - In the Cold, Cold Night - I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart - You've Got Her in Your Pocket - Ball and Biscuit - The Hardest Button to Button - Little Acorns - Hypnotize - The Air Near My Fingers - Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine - Well It's True that We Love One Another

I bought the album mostly because of "Seven Nation Army", a track I really admire. I hadn't heard any other songs from the album, but I liked some of their earlier hits. I wasn't disappointed. Even though every song on the album isn't another hit, it's still so much more than just one hit wonder. Most of the songs are really, really good. Jack White is simply great, he's an amazing artist. If you're looking for good rockin' blues punk whatever, look no further. ****

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