October 28, 2003

Emperor: IX Equilibrium

Emperor: IX EquilibriumCD, Candlelight 1999

Track list: Curse You All Men - Decrystallizing Reason - An Elegy of Icaros - The Source of Icon E - Sworn - Nonus Aequilibrium - The Warriors of Modern Death - Of Blindness & Subsequent Seers

Emperor is the musical version of a vicious snowstorm. Many will probably find both equally unpleasant. Emperor's sound is difficult to take, if you're not familiar with black metal. There are slower parts and parts that actually sound beautiful, but that's hidden between the fierce and the wicked. Ihsahn's vocals are strong, even though it's quite difficult to hear the words. Fortunately they are printed in the booklet. The drummer Trym is another key player in the band, his furious drum style is very important part of the Emperor sound. IX Equilibrium offers rather excellent black metal, for those who can appreciate it. ****

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Category: Black/Death metal

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