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Blood Duster: s/tCD, Season of Mist 2003

Track list: ForThoseAboutToFuck - Idi - SixSixSixteen - CockJunkie - Sellout - IWannaDoItWithADonna - FruityRelationships - HeroinPunk - Sk8ergrrl - BadHabbits - OnTheStage - VeganFeast - DrinkFightFuck - TonyGoesToCourt (Skit) - OnTheHunt - CurrentTrends - Underground - DrugFiend - Achin'ForAn'A'Cup - DahmerTheEmbalmer - She'sAJunkie - NuCorprate - OrneryHornery - 66.6OnYourFMDial - TicketToRide + PainfullNoise Entitled"htabbaskcalb" - Let's Fuck

The album is full of short songs, most under two minutes. The styles vary from Carcass-like death metal to rather plain rock or punk. All are united by an idiot sense of humour. At their best the songs are pretty ok, but most of them are rather uninspired. Avoid. *

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