Gorgasm: Masticate to Dominate

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Gorgasm: Masticate to DominateCD, Unique Leader Records 2003

Track list: Anal Skewer - Stitched Oral Asphyxia - Corpsefiend - Lacerated Mastarbation - Masticate to Dominate - Charred Vaginal Effluence - Repulsive Cuntortion - Concubine of Despise - Seminal Embalment - Deadfuck

If you can forget the totally disgusting lyrics and ugly shocker cover art, Masticate to Dominate is a fairly decent gore metal album. It's not too far from Carcass, but falls a bit short nonetheless. Still, if you like the genre, Gorgasm is a good purchase. I wouldn't support this smut with my money, but if you can find the concept of raping and slaughtering women entertaining, go forth. I would've liked this much better, had the lyrics been a bit more intelligent. **

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Jordan said:

Gorgasm is inventive, primitive, and fucking brutal....Yes the lyrics are gore based...and they are beautiful....I don't condone the death of women and neither do they....they just use the topic of slaughtering biatches as a good technique to bring out the anger of their music. This is their best release yes! Cheers Jordan from Lust of Decay!

Rotting666Cadaver said:

you guys are all pretty wrong the band is tech/brutal death metal. You all also forgot to mention how skilled gorgasm are as musicians. Alot of the sweep guitar picking and other leads lay waste to most in the genre. as for the lyrics who cares if they are sick and twisted this is death metal, if you dislike them go cry to you mommy and listen to backstreet boys. Anyways this amlbum halls ass go buy it.

luis said:

i think gorgasm is pretty sick, i dont mind the lyrics... its all about the music... i saw them on concert and they totally destroyed the place with thei lowtune guitar riffs and some kickass solos... i would recommend this nband to truly death metal heads.... stay sick!!!!

Visceral Bleeding666 said:

I really enjoyed this album..the riffs punish and the drumming is fucking brutal, personally I think the whole gore thing lyrically is a little overdone in this genre of music (which is DeathGrind btw) But the vocal patterns are brutal so all is good ..Id put this a nice step up from Bleeding Profusley..way to go guys

Visceral Bleeding666

deathaclasm said:

gorgasmic brutality! each time i hear masticate to dominate, my ears and brain undergo a tiny orgasm, now gorgasm is the new lust of decay!

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