Nattefrost: Blood & Vomit

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Nattefrost: Blood & VomitCD, Season of Mist 2004

Track list: Ancient Devil Worshipping - Sluts of Hell - Satanic Victory - Universal Funeral - The Act of Spiritual Purification - Sanctum 666 - Whore (Filthy Whore) - Mass-Destruction - Nattefrost Takes a Piss - The Gate of Nanna - Still Reaching for Hell

Cover art tells you enough: Blood & Vomit is honest underground black metal. Vocalist-guitarist Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest has vomited a disc full of rocking black metal, just the way it was meant to be. This, of course, means that the target audience of this album is fairly limited. Anyway, I like it. It rocks, at least until the Beherit-cover The Gate of Nanna, which is slow and boring. After that, the album doesn't really pick up the speed. Enjoying Blood & Vomit to the fullest requires also a bad sense of humour. As an interesting curiosity, I should note that one of the euphemism used for vomiting in Finnish is "speaking Norwegian". How fitting. ****

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anticros said:

Another gem from the heathen north>hail Norway

Demoniac Luxurious Leather said:

Now that is true norwegian black metal !...great CD Nattefrost really makes the cold and mortal flame of black metal ALIVE !!!!

This is the way black metal was meant to keyboards!

Hail Natte! keep going!

Sinthoras said:

Yeah, great fuckin cd!!! Hail Nattefrost!! True Black Metal as its best.

Setä said:

I love you Nattesetä

nekrofucker said:

i'll have to get this one

kevin said:

Black metal at its best, hail Herr Nattefrost, keep on vomiting on those fucking christian/muslim morals!

Greg666 said:

This CD makes me draw blood and vomit. Evil, disgusting, putrid fucking black metal! I love this CD!!!

sTrawi said:

This is a real ancient black terror metal!:)

dark lord 666 said:

This is ok for mainstream black metal, but it lacks the power and intensity of the true metal artists such as Slipknot and Korn.


I need the lyrics of Nattefrost album!!!!!!!!!!!

Endaemion said:

Hilary Duff, LISTEN TO THIS< AND DIE!!!!!

One of the best Black Metal albums there is, I think.................

Listen to this, and youre sure to burn!

Still roaming the ruins of postapocalypse Leeuwarden, Endaemion

Josh said:

Hail Nattefrost. Cold, raw, grim black metal as it should be played. Job well done, satan is proud of you in hell. Horns up \m/

Skalathrax said:

"infernal" hits the nail on the head i think....

Heathen said:

though I cannot take this album seriously, I think it is a good one, esp the circus music on the end hehe

And the black metal part is ok too.

Heathen said:

though I cannot take this album seriously, I think it is a good one, esp the circus music on the end hehe

And the black metal part is ok too.

Ravenous said:

Heil sorry to say that but this album is total shit,netter piss off and some bubbles? he just make some fun its not kult it is pure shit...
sorry 4 my english

C said:

Nattefrost is fucking great. Cunt, suck me dry!!

ZabuliuS said:

heil! Sluts Of Hell! so true norwegian!!! we dide throne you NATTEFROST!

Seth-Amon said:

@ Dark Lord 666: what the fuck are you saying? Slipknot and Korn: true metal artists? Jesus Christ, man! Slipknot and Korn are the ones for the mainstream! Nattefrost is pure kult! And Carpathian Forest is the living proof of it! Shemhamforash! 666! Praise the whore!

Ravenous said:

Carpathian Forest is best but not Natterfrost.



tomalla said:

is there any good site about cf & nattefrost?
if anybody knows...?

marta said:

I love this music!!!!!!!!

Misanthrone said:

In my opinion the BEHERIT cover is the albums finest moment! Nattefrost gets quite close to the oppressive darkness of the legendary original one.

blast_phemer said:


Satanz Girl said:

Nattefrost Is Fucking Great!!!!
I Like The Album Verry Much!!!

SaTan said:

Pure f*cking blackmetal!!! (cover Beherit included). Every home should have one.
Cranking up an pure satanic album myself!!
Almost finished....

Kristian Whailn said:

Nattefrost puts forth a great effort. Nothing really groundbreaking here but if you like your black metal raw and grim, you'll like this release on Season of Mist. Reminds me a lot of Judas Iscariot, Burzum, etc as far as the riffs are concerned. Simple, ugly, and sure to get you headbanging!!! Intro to track 5 is funny!! A true recording of vomiting probably after a few too many "pints" with his crew!

Skogen Kaller said:

Fucking great album! i always sing sluts of hell when i am drunk haha! very catchy

Ollie said:

I heard the song Mass Destruction but is the album worth buying? I did really enjoy that song:)

seth said:

its a good album its cold and distant but it isnt raw,i like the kvlt underground sound but it is in the vein of immortal, like immortal they are good but are not raw kvlt BM, but this album is good its just not as raw and distant as i would like it..

Shub-Niggurath said:

I you don't like,don't buy it.These stupid talkings about true oor mainstream are have already killed the early essence of black metal.Support the bands you like,but leave the others be.

fvckyov said:

raw, dirty and black. this has a heathenistic / annihilistic feel (...almost punk inspired) filled with the most hateful norwegian black metal attitude. this album is worthy of praise for its convinction and raw energy. the vocals are a true testament to this...

if you can get through the 1:10 intro of "The Art of Spiritual Purification" you will see what is meant about seething hate and raw norwegian attitude.

Shineth said:

raise the banners of metal... true cold piercieng sound.

Bloodground said:

This is fucking the best underground true Black Metal ever

slugpox said:

This album makes me wet. its one of the nastiest boody black metal cds ive heard after the 90's. Theres something to be said about that.

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