Behexen: By the Blessing of Satan

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Behexen: By the Blessing of SatanCD, Woodcut Records 2004

Track list: By the Blessing of Satan - Fist of the Satanist - Sieluni Saatanan Vihasta Roihuten - Celebration of christ's Fall - Black Metal Baptism - Watchers of My Black Temple - Under the Eye of Lord

Behexen plays pure old school black metal, much like Nattefrost. And that's just fine for me... Their vocalist Torog has a haunting voice and to back that up, they manage to create an impressive wall of sound. Good work. Lyrics invoke Satan - hard to say more, because the promo version doesn't include printed lyrics and Torog isn't the easiest vocalist to understand. Very old school, very primitive, very effective. However, I'll give it only three stars, because simply put, there's little new on this album. Still, it's a good album if you're into primitive old school black metal. ***

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mike scheucher said:

is the cd
"behexen - by the blessing of satan"
in austria also availabe? or on lp maybe?
hail mike

Torog said:

Releaseday 13.3.04.

Fred Bijl said:

Behexen plays Black Metal the way it was meant
to be. No commercial shit, but pure music.

Hail to them!!


Begravelsesnatt said:

Hail Behexen. One of the best black metal bands ever!

Torog said:

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