36crazyfists: A Snow Capped Romance

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36crazyfists: A Snow Capped RomanceCD, Roadrunner Records 2004

Track list: At the End of August - The Heart and the Shape - Bloodwork - Kenai - Skin and Atmosphere - Song for the Fisherman - With Nothing Underneath - Destroy the Map - Installing the Catheter - Cure Eclipse - Waterhaul

36crazyfists tries to portray a ton of emotion with their nu-metalish album, but it all falls very short. Despite the emotional melodies and the buzz of distorted guitars and the screaming and the clear vocals, it really doesn't touch me at all. At least bands like Slipknot occasionally combine catchy with heavy in a way that pleases me. 36crazyfists goes in from one ear and leaves through the other leaving absolutely nothing behind. Nice, but very boring. **

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Mike Rorke said:

I can only say that your judgement on this album is infact very incorrect and that i think you were not into the album at all due to your mind being somewhere else at that point in time.
Forcing tunes will caus boredom which will caus a bad review which would simply be wrong.
I judge this album as one of the best ever - listen to thos drums especially.
Honestly when i listen to this album i forget about everything else, including the mighty Slipknot.
Hail 36crazyfists!

EROKOS said:

I must agree with Mike Rorke on this album, I think that this is quite possibly the best and most original metal bands out there. Im thinkin that the style they have has alot to do with where they are from.(Anchorage Alaska) Original sounding bands are getting alot fewer and further between. These guys matured alot from there first release Bitterness the star and I am totally anticipating what they may do next somehow I just know It wont be anything short of spectacular.

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