Chalice: Augmented

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Chalice: AugmentedCD, Modern Invasion 2004

Track list: Liaising Pandora - Neuron - Winter in the Desert Sky - Portrait - Child of the Matador - Static - A Semblance of Sanity

Chalice is a goth metal band from Australia. I suppose Australia isn't gloomy enough, because I'm not impressed. First of all, goth metal with female vocals is a tricky genre - there's good competition. Augmented falls short from such masterpieces as Theatre of Tragedy's Aegis, for example. Their vocalist is rather unimpressive, her sound just isn't personal enough. That's not the only problem - the songs are rather bland, too. It's pity, but as it is, Augmented is a boring album. Fans of the genre will hear little new or interesting on it. **

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Martin said:

I agree.

Anonymous said:

one of the best

Anonymous said:

I find it totally uninspiring. There are so many bands like this already. Very ordinary.

Alix said:

I agree on the vocalist and the personal comment.
It seems to be lacking the whole way through.

Lummy said:

I disagree.
I Really enjoyed this album. At a first listening found nothing special, but after hearing the album a second time found it absolutly amazing. The vocalist is pretty good, although I did hear better ones. I would suggest (and doing so) this album to my friends.

Therion said:

Check out their second album "An Illusion to the Temporary Real". Itis much better than this one, and also if you have ever seen this band live in a tiny bar with about 50 poeple, you can't help but love them. I think of them as Doom, not Gothic, and they have a celtic vibe that I like as well. They have explored alot over three albums and many years.

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