Dargaard: Rise And Fall

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Dargaard: Rise And FallCD, Napalm Records 2004

Track list: Rise and Fall - Bearer of the Flame - Niobe - Takhisis Dance - Winter - Ave Atque Vale - Queen of the Woods - Ancestors of Stone - The Halls of Dargaard (bonus track)

Dargaard's gloomy ambient atmospherics leave me cold, for some reason. In it's genre the album is pretty good: the atmosphere is strong and the arrangements mighty and epic. However, the vocalist Elisabeth Toriser's voice is too weak in my opinion, especially when contrasted with the mighty background. Also, the album is rather boring. It makes a good background, but it's not interesting enough to listen to. Fans of the genre will probably appreciate this more than I do. **

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final sting said:

i disagree with you! of course it´s a matter of taste, but this album should be important to everyone who´s into emotional, dark, epic music. if you find the LOTR soundtrack ok, this one will suprise you in a positive way. much athmosphere, epic arrangements connected with the female vocalists voice, the choirs, the timpani, the horns, the strings and so on - wow. for me it´s a milestone, only think of the truly epic 10min first song.

Jarrett said:

Darggard rule all. This is their worst album so far, but it is still very good. Get the first three albums, which are unbeatable, then get this one.

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