Fall of the Leafe: Volvere

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Fall of the Leafe: VolvereCD, Rage of Achilles 2004

Track list: A Waiting Room Snap - If Mirrors Leave Men in Crumbs - Enemy Simulator - Pillar of the Sun - Song from the Second Floor - More Like a Situation - Hell's Silence - Big Ol' Fat Rain Inside - Security Locks Are Good - Guilt Threat - Cut the Smoke

Volvere is already the fourth album of this Finnish group. I have never heard of them, perhaps because their earlier albums were published by somewhat small-ish labels. It's a shame, if they were as good as this one. Volvere is an impressive album. Their style is basically metal or heavy rock, with gloomy gothic rock tones. Their vocalist has a curious style, which I like and which brings lots of flavor for this album. If you're into goth metal, check this out, it's worth it. ****

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Reea said:

Fall of the Leafe kicks ass. Simulateneous ass-whoopping and emotion. Incredible.

Aravis said:

FotL is the first Finnish band I've ever fallen in love with... and it quickly became my favorite band. Their music is beyond this world... beautiful melodies, fantastic lyrics, just really atmospheric. I suggest everyone to check them out. And go see them live, that is a supernatural experience.

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